Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The many smiles of Annika (and one not so much)

Our baby girl is growing fast! A few milestones during the past few weeks include: rolling over (she did it twice one night in Phoenix and then last night she woke up at 4 am and was on her back!), responding to her name (as long as we yell it loud enough), drinking from a glass (I think 90% becomes backwash), and having a crush on dark haired men (Matt Hammett is her new best friend, she eyes him from across the gym and watches him until he comes over and says hi, thanks Matt, didn't think I was going to have to deal with that for a few more years... ugh).

I keep expecting one day her eyes to change color, knock on wood they haven't. Either way I soak up as many staring contests as possible.

We spent a few days in Phoenix last week, it was great to hang out with the Williams, for Annika to meet my Aunt Caron and Uncle Frank and play in the pool. Annika loved the pool. Bambi got a raft for Annika, she loved it and I think would have sat in there all day if she could have. She would suck on the edge of the raft with the brim of her hat barely over her eyes, every once in awhile she would look up like she was saying, "What's up? Just chillin'." We are looking forward to many more water days this summer.

I call this picture "Sunny Surprise." We would let AJ air out after being in the pool. It was great weather and she sat out on the blanket and would just love being naked. David put her hat on her bum to give her "privacy." After about 15 minutes we went to pick her up only to find she had left a little surprise for us under her hat. Thanks AJ!

I think she is beginning to know her swimsuit and hat, she gets so happy when we put them on.

AJ still doesn't laugh, will sometimes giggle, but she is all smiles so much more now than a few weeks ago...

...then again, she still can cop some attitude.

Somebody thinks they are a big deal.

Annika loved the shower, not as much as the bath or the pool, but still loved it.

She has also found that she can stick out her tongue and smile at the same time... I know, she is advanced!

She really likes to try to sit up, even though right now it is mostly trying to balance herself by bending over and grabbing her toes, but it's a start.

Ok, back to this crush thing. Our friends Nicole and Chris came over to see AJ this Sunday. The second Chris grabbed AJ she was enamored by him. Luckily she still at least will give daddy a smile...

... Like this one!