Tuesday, May 18, 2010

weekend of fun!

Lately I have been feeling a huge itch to get out of town which worked out perfectly because E and I had planned to spend the weekend in San Francisco. Saturday we took Annika to her first Giants game. Eric's childhood friend Nate invited us to enjoy the game in his company's box and kids were invited so the three of us headed to the bay. Truth be told Eric and I were both raised going to A's games so Annika's first professional sporting event really should have been in Oakland. But lets be honest, the view from AT&T is much better than from the other side of the bay. Anyway, we had a great time, though most of it was spent pulling Annika back out of the box adjacent to ours. She thought our neighbors were a lot more fun than we were. I love that she is so friendly and curious, but sometimes it would be a lot easier if she just sat shyly on my lap, you know?

We spent the evening at Eric's parents house, the E and I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed back into the city for the Bay to Breakers. I have wanted to run in this race since I was in high school and I'm so glad we finally did it. The B to B is one of the largest foot races in the US. Runners start on the Bay side of SF and run 12 kilometers (7.45 miles) to the finish line at the beach. The race is also well known for its colorful participants. Many of them dress up in outrageous costumes, others forget the clothes altogether...yes, its very entertaining. Luckily E and I were far enough toward the front to avoid running alongside some of the less clothed participants.

My goal was to have a great run and to have fun. We had perfect running weather. Cool, cloud cover, misty...perfect. One of those days you could just run and run and run. E and I both finished in under 1 hour which also felt great. I had been feeling pretty out of shape lately so it felt nice to push myself. I think this may become an annual event for the Jungs...at least for a few years.

Today it was back to reality at work. Feels so much better to go back after a nice break though.
And I get to come home to this.

Saturday, May 8, 2010