Monday, December 20, 2010

just a few pictures

 Enjoying a yummy little holiday drink at Spanish Bay

First Bath

Its really hard to get a good picture of Annika lately. She doesn't like to pose...rather be behind the camera these days.

Thanks to Eric's generous grandparents and people who buy things, never use them, and then sell them on Craig's list, we were able to purchase a double BOB and the mental and physical well being of these little girls' parents. We logged many a mile on the BOB with Annika when she was a baby and I look forward to many more miles with these two girls. Thank you BOB. You are, once again, a live saver. 

Annika has a little stool that she climbs up on to help mommy and daddy with the cooking. She is growing up so fast! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

for jill and derek

Trust me, life isn't ALWAYS as beautiful as we like to portray it on our blog;) Really though, who wants to remember days like this? 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

adjusting to 2

People have been asking me how the adjustment to 2 has been. For me, the shift from one to two has been easier than from none to one...SO FAR...I know I may end up eating my words as Audrey nears the end of the newborn stage and becomes more awake and aware. Audrey has been a very good baby for the most part. She sleeps well during the night and allows me and Annika to drag her all over on our morning outings. Annika loves to go bye bye...doesn't really matter where as long as we get out of the house in the mornings. If we don't, all three of us may end up in tears by lunchtime:) Luckily Audrey hasn't objected to these excursions to the grocery store, library, park, costco, the coffee name it. 

 Annika has been such a good big sister. She is so sweet with Audrey. Giving her lots of kisses and pats and making sure she has her binkie when she cries. She likes to change, dress and feed her baby just like mommy does with Audrey. Eric and I are still shocked at how well she has handled the adjustment.
Though it is not always easy, I am loving life with these two little girls. We are very blessed.

p.s. If I had written this post last night it would have been far less positive as I'm pretty sure one of the girls was in tears at all times yesterday until about 9 pm last night...oh the joys...