Thursday, February 24, 2011

audrey leigh

Baby girl you are 3 and a half months already! Time has flown by and you are growing and changing by the day. Sorry to say honey, but it is true...second children don't get nearly as much camera time as firsts, but that doesn't mean that we aren't loving watching you learn and change and grow.

For the most part you are what the girls at work call a "sucker baby"; meaning, babies like you sucker their parents into having another...NO, WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER...yet. You pretty much taught yourself to sleep through the night.
Either that or your daddy lets you cry it out when I'm at work (I failed miserably when we tried to do that with your big sis).

Speaking of your big sister, you love to watch her run around and sing and dance...built in entertainment...very nice for mommy and daddy. You love to smile, and when you do your little dimples show...mainly on the right side, just like your mommy and your nana. You have your daddy's eyes and I think you may get his blonde hair too...when you're in the sun your hair looks pretty light. You are trying very hard to roll over. You've done it a couple of times accidentally and kind of scared yourself.

Before we had you I did not understand how I would have enough love for TWO babies. I thought I would somehow split the love I felt for your sister between you two. But thats not how it works baby. The love multiplies exponentially. I love seeing your sister in a new light, I love seeing you two interact, I love to see you with your daddy,  and I could not be more in love with you. We can't imagine our lives without you Audrey.

I don't have any height/weight stats for you yet because mommy is a slacker and didn't get your insurance coverage sorted out until recently...don't worry, we're good now. You will have your 2 month appt Monday, only a month and a half late. You may as well get used to it though because you and your sister will soon be helping daddy find mommy's keys, and remember to RSVP to things, and get necessary paper work filled out. We love you miss Audrey Leigh.