Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Happenings

This month is only half over, but we have been having some good times. It started with a weekend in Pebble with Jeremy, Audi and Harper. It took the girls about 5 seconds of seeing each other before they were back to being the best of friends, even though sharing became a little more an issue than months prior. They were troopers for the 3 days we were together, a ton of fun with the Swifts!
Wheel barrel ride became a fast fav for the girls.

No one can get Annika laughing as hard as Harper.
A great hike to Point Lobos, again was chilly, but worth the view.
Breakfast time had some entertaining views one morning. Annika kept saying "Woof." We're working on it.
One of our favorite things to do is see the Bag Piper at Spanish Bay. It was a perfect evening, Annika and Harper made a million new friends, as well as tried to escape down one of the fairways, and eat some dirt. Great memories.
Kara has found a new niche, hand bags. This means going to the fabric store is now a normal activity.
Ethan discovered my skateboard, it started with me giving him rides down the driveway. He quickly found better ways to use it.
So Annika loves pillows... and Curious George. She finally realized she could move the pillows in line with the TV and enjoy two things at the same time.

My mom found the chair and it has become a new favorite place to sit, right behind mom's lap, of course.
The weather has finally turned warm, which Kara keeps loathing the fact that the worst season of heat is close upon us. Today we decided to heat the spa so Annika, Ethan and Mo could get back in the water. It took Annika about 2 seconds before she was climbing up the steps, walking to the fence, and making a dash back for the spa to jump to me. She is fearless.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


No big updates, just a few pictures. Life is good...

Little dutch girl (well half at least) in the tulips
Look at her eye that cake!
Beautiful blossoms

Little buddies

My favorite girl.