Wednesday, February 22, 2012

little sassy pants

I thought Annika was a little firecracker...
I had no idea what awaited us with this little one...
Her daddy says she is just like her sister was at that age and that I just don't remember...hmmm...
 She was so mild, so sweet her first year of life.
she has become a force to be reckoned with
So spunky. So fun. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is a little peak into your life at 15 months Audrey Leigh:
-You have a mouth full of teeth...seriously I think you have them all already
-You have quite a few words (but only use them when you want to).
-You still give the best open mouthed slobbery kisses
-You say "I yuh you"
-You love to sing and dance
-When we pray before dinner you are practically bouncing out of your seat by the closing because you know it is time to eat. You LOVE to eat.
-At 15 months you are still not walking, although we know you can. Today you took 4 or 5 steps when you thought no one was looking, but I caught you! You better believe you wouldn't do it again though!
-You are still an awesome sleeper. I think you love to sleep almost as much as your mommy...that is impressive little one;)
-Books and blocks are your favorite things to play with.
-You love your big sister and are always so excited to see her in the morning. However, you two already fight like sisters. Awesome. Honestly,  I am more worried about you picking on her than vice versa. Must be a younger sister thing;)
-You are getting little curls as your hair grows out just like your sister.
-You are so much fun Audrey. We love you to the moon and back!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy valentine's day!

From this funny valentine

And her sassy sister, who is wondering why in world she doesn't have a bag of goodies like her sister.

And their mother who totally gave in to her 15 month old and gave her a "Lilly pop" so she could go for a run (please don't judge)

The sweet valentine Annika made for us at school. I know this will break my heart someday when her little fingers aren't so little. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sick babes

Eric and I were just talking about how lucky we were that our kids had never had ear infections. Poor babies, we jinxed them:( Both girls, double ear infections, may have something to do with the whining.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I know I am probably one of the last people in the world to try quinoa, but I finally did tonight and it was delicioso! I can't believe I waited this long. I used this recipe. I imagine there are so many different ways you can prepare it. What are your favorite quinoa recipes? Send them my way please!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Four O' Clock Chardonnay kind of day

You know those days...the whining, the crying, the messy house that gets picked up only to be destroyed again, the whining, the crying, etc. We've had quite a few of those days lately;)

When the girls are especially whiny I think to myself that THIS is what we must sound like to God. He gives us everything we need and is trying to discipline us and raise us up in the most loving way and all we can do sometimes is whine. I got a message from my friend Tatum last week saying pretty much the same exact thing. I guess its a lesson I need to learn. 

Last night Annika asked me what I was reading about in the Bible. I was reading Paul's letter to the Colossians. I told her that I was reading about a man named Paul who wrote letters to people encouraging them. I said that first and foremost he was always very thankful to God. (granted he wasn't dealing with whiny kids...I'm just kidding) He was imprisoned when he wrote that letter to the Colossians. Wow. 

So tonight I am thankful for little reminders that come in the form of whiny kids. Reminders of the fact that God has given me everything that I need and that he hears me (as annoying as I may sound at times). I am thankful for Paul and the fact that we can read about his gratefulness to God in spite of trials. I am thankful for two girls who are now sleeping peacefully after giggling their way through bath time. AND...
I am so thankful for our neighbor Miss Rosie who saved the day with cotton candy popsicles!!! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


To my Annika,

The older you get the harder it is to "sum you up" in a single post. I have started this post a few times now and realize that I will never do your sweet little self justice with my words. Here are just a few things that I love about your little three year old self:

You are currently singing to yourself in your bed. Your favorite songs: 1,2,3, Jesus Loves Me, What a Mighty God we serve, the Bumble Bee song, repeat, repeat, repeat...You love to sit at this piano and play and sing your favorite songs with your sister (you call her your "ister").

Speaking of your "ister," you love to tell her stories. They always start with "One day..." and most of the time they include the story of Jesus calming the storm or of Jesus healing the sick girl. The other day you told Audrey "and God loves you so much Jesus in my heart." Tender.

This morning you told me that you were three and that you were going to be four. I told you that you needed to be three for a long time because you are growing up so fast.

You started school this year. Two days a week you go to Miss Shirley's for a few hours (mommy's old preschool teacher!). You love it. Daddy and I agree that it is worth the investment as you have already stopped saying "yah" because "at school I say 'yes'".

You will only wear dresses. I have to tell you that your shirts are actually dresses in order to get you to wear anything else. Oh, and you hate putting on jackets or sweatshirts or anything that will cover up your pretty dresses. You love putting on lip gloss and jewelry and anything pretty. You are a girlie girl. Mommy isn't really crazy about that, but your nana reminds me that I was quite a girlie girl when I was three too;)

It is your auntie's turn to laugh at the "funny" things you say to me when you are being disciplined. For example: I asked you the other day how many times I needed to tell you something. You said, "um, three times." Another time I asked you if you were ready to obey mommy and you said, "no, not yet."

One of my favorite things you do is come up to me or your daddy when you think we are not feeling well and say "a hug will make it better" and give us a big hug and kiss. I also loved the day you told me that you needed to "practice your Spanish" and then proceded to count in Spanish as we ran errands.

You love riding your bike and going to the park, especially when your cousins come with us. You still have the most infectious belly laugh, again, especially when it is Ethan who is making you laugh.

Every day you are becoming more independent. Truthfully, it feels kind of funny to have you put your shoes on by yourself and go to the bathroom by yourself, but I won't lie, its really nice!

We are so proud of the little girl that you are becoming. You have a tender heart and such a kind spirit.

We love you to pieces little girl!