Sunday, October 30, 2011


from this pretty little peacock...

and this sweet little lamb...

pumpkins at the jung household this year...

Boots and Dora of course! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Visit from Auntie and Cousin

This week Aunt Heather and Cousin Bella made the drive from Phoenix to come see us.  Bella, 8, had never met Audrey and had been asking her mom when she would be able to for months.

Bella is a fantastic older cousin.  The girls played and played and played, Bella now ranks second (behind cousin Ethan) for most able to get Annika to do her all-out-belly-laugh.  

10 painted toe nails for Annika, 2 matching set of pajamas, 1 of the best lunches we have ever had in San Francisco (Tacolicious), and dozens of photos and cups of coffee and tea later, we have had a great visit.  

Tomorrow when they leave will be a sad day, especially for Annika.  Spending time with Cousin Bella and Auntie Heather have been so much fun... and will result in one huge nap in the afternoon.

Getting her toes painted.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Annika's first race!

Last month Annika and I ran our first race together at the Color the Skies Festival put on for Children's Hospital in the Valley. I ran the 5K and then joined Annika in her first road race. She did great and was all smiles for the 1/4 mile race. We even got matching medals on pink ribbons! I had to re-start her a few times with the "on your mark, get set, go!" to keep her excited but she made it all the way to the finish line and has been "racing" with me after my morning runs ever since.

I learned that I am much tougher mentally in my "old age," but that my body doesn't necessarily agree that I am tougher. I won my first ever road race and then couldn't run for about a week and a half after that because I was so sore. As a result I went to my first Zumba class and realized that I am much more cut out for running or crossfit or really anything else for that matter...oh my, I'm glad they don't tape those classes.

Monday, October 3, 2011

last swim of the season

We finally got some cooler temperatures here which means we've taken the cover off the pool and swimming season has come to a close. We had a great time in the pool with the girls this summer. Here are some pictures from our last family get together with the Schenks. It just cracks me up how Lynds is always in the middle of all the kiddos. I promise we don't make her take care of all of them while we sit back and watch!

 The guys are in fact helping in these pics. They are hiding under water.

 Just wait til those three in the baby seats are running around next year!

Sweet Ethan and Audrey. He is such a good big cousin!