Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shaver Lake!

This last weekend we got to meet up with friends from Fresno and San Diego at Shaver Lake. After a week of all of us being sick, it was great to get in the fresh air and have time with friends.
Annika loves hanging out with her adopted aunts. There were three babies there (17 mo, 12 mo, and 3 mo) which made it eventful, but many hands made it fun.
The Lehman Crew
The King Crew
The Jung Crew
Annika spent after a day on the boat. One of the few times she actually slept in Kara's arms for more than a minute.
Ok, quick story... we were staying at Jill's parent's cabin. Jill's husband, Derek, had to work Friday. As he was leaving he looked at me and said, "Good luck driving the boat today." I didn't think too much of it.
Well, the boat is a "Party Barge" pontoon boat. Let's just say a lot bigger than what I am used to. To make matters worse, there was a huge wind that day that was blowing into the docks. When we went to pull out of the slip, the wind was so strong it wouldn't let me turn the boat. So we end up zig zagging our way down the docks for about 10 slips. It was an all hands on deck moment, everyone pushing off of boats that we were inches from hitting. Finally, Jon was able to grab on to one boat and it anchored us just enough to turn up wind and get out of dodge. How we didn't hit anything is a miracle. Nice work everyone, it was definitely a memory made together! Derek, thanks for the heads up, sort of!

With Aunt Michelle, which was a lifesaver here as AJ was being a little pill until Michelle volunteered to take her for a few minutes. Swing time makes the world a better place.

Some Randoms...

Some Summertime pics...

Annika loves shoes, hers or whoevers.
She also loves bags, especially putting things in and taking things out.
It is now easier to go to the grocery store and let her push the cart... even though she is realizing that she can pick things up from the shelves and put them in the cart herself. We have to be a little more careful when we check out to make sure mystery items haven't made it in.
Going to the park with Cousin Morgan.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Annika in the Pool!!!

Swimming has become our one escape from the heat (other than going to SF). Say the word "ready" with Annika in the pool and her head is underwater, she is becoming a little fish.