Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good times in Pebble

Since we moved back here in December I have been dreading the HOT valley summer...lucky for us this has been one of the most mild summers in years and fortunately we were able to spend a couple of long weekends this summer in one of our favorite COOL places. Eric said on our drive out to Pebble it was like Christmas came over me once we hit the fog in Seaside.
Annika loves the cool weather just like her mama as evidenced by that little smiling face.

She now loves to climb all the rocks down at the beach...she prefers to do it all by herself, but that gives mommy a heart attack so we make her hold our hands against her strong little will.

Not so happy to leave the beach.

Though we didn't get any pics to document it, Eric and I got to go out one afternoon and evening and play a full round of golf and enjoy a lovely dinner. Thanks mom and dad for sharing the house with us and watching annika so we relax and have a fun weekend away before our lives get even more crazy with #2!