Thursday, July 28, 2011

How did this happen?!

All of a sudden we have an 8 1/2 month old scootin around the house and Eric and I just keep looking at each other saying how did she get so big? We laugh at how we eagerly waited for Annika to reach each and every milestone during her first year and Audrey just surprises us with her new tricks. As we established in the last post,  two and half is not so much my favorite age so we are lucky to have Audrey such a tender age right now as we ride the roller coaster of 2 with her big sister (which by the way I now understand why 2 year olds and teenagers are often compared. I am not proud of the number of times I have  said "stop it" and "knock it off" in the past couple of months...but I digress...) Anyway, 8 months is a tender age.  Audrey can scoot herself around the house now and get her hands on everything she is curious about. She surprises me by tugging on my dress while I'm cooking or sitting in the chair reading. She greats us with big smiles and slobbery kisses. She absolutely lights up when she sees her mommy and daddy, but especially when she sees her big sister. Audrey has two sharp little teeth and another coming in, she uses those little teeth to eat anything and everything I set in front of her...the girl loves to eat...makes a "mmm...mmm" sound the entire time she's eating.

 When we moved into this house and set up this white-board for Annika to play with I remember thinking that she was so big...almost a year. She was only 10 1/2 months...just two months older than did this happen?!

 This series of pictures is what typically happens with Audrey these days. The girl just has to have her hands on everything. I took this last picture just before she tried to eat the lens.
 The triplets

Sometimes Audrey gets a little overwhelmed by all the attention her cousins give her. She needs to be toughened up a bit.
 Loving her food
 Big smiles with daddy
Again eating...happy little girl.

Audrey you are a joy. We are having so much fun watching you grow and change and develop. But slow down a bit, would ya please????

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

totally two

Oh man, have we been put through the wringer lately by you miss Annika! Truth is the first half of the year was amazing...two year olds are just so cute. This second half however: different story. Yes darling, you are still cute and we do still enjoy very sweet moments with you throughout the day, but honestly I feel like the majority of the day we are saying things like, "Annika mommy can't hear you when you whine," "how do you ask nicely, " "we need to be kind/share", etc. I even find myself totally understanding how people flip out in public and yell at their children. Wow, people weren't joking when they said that as they grow older you start facing different, perhaps harder battles.

I am seeing more and more how God uses children to refine you. Annika you are teaching your mommy and daddy to be patient, to be consistent, and to persevere. Some friends of ours told us that they attended a parenting class in which the teacher said that there are no strong-willed children, only weak-willed parents. Well, darling girl, you have met your match.

I am writing down these not so fun parts of your life for two reasons: first, no one wants to read blogs about  people with picture perfect lives, it just makes you feel bad. (But I do realize we all do it because its those beautiful things that you want to record.) Secondly, Annika, when you have babies of your own I want you to see that your mama faced the same battles that you one day will face with your own. And for the record, it is those very same battles that make the sweet moments all the more sweet.

Annika, when I get you up in the morning we always start the day praying for obedience, contentment and a grateful heart. I have to say that hardly a night goes by that I don't lie in bed counting my blessings, recounting all of the beautiful moments we shared that day and just smiling at the sweetness of having a two year old...I love you darling girl. To the moon and back.

Here you are in all your glory:
2 years, 5 months and a few days:

-you currently give the BEST tight hugs and kisses, have the most contagious belly laugh, and have the raddest hair ever.
-You love love love Dora, and I do support that as you will finally try saying Spanish words to mommy.
-You have reverted to eating baby food again now that I make it for Audrey (Hey, if it gets you to eat veggies...)
-you still love music of all kinds
-you are a little fish and ask to go swimming every day
-you love cashews and always ask for just two of them, you say "dame, dame" a lot, which translates into "gimme gimme" but because you say it in Spanish I let you get by with it once in a while
-I can finally put your hair in a "pony" without you crying, in fact you ask for it now.

And to end this post: Our sweet moment of the day today was when you asked to cuddle with mommy for a while before bed. You laid on my chest and let me sing to you and play with your curls until I had to put you to bed because I was falling asleep. You are a sweet sweet girl.