Monday, June 7, 2010

Annika Lately

The other night I was looking back through our blog and reading all of our posts up to Annika's birth. I loved reading about her milestones and seeing how much she has grown and how her little personality has developed. I realize that I am never going to be one of those moms that has a baby book put together for Annika....just not the scrapbooking type...but I would like Annika to be able to look back on this blog someday and read about what she was like when she was little. So, even though at times it feels kind of self indulgent to blog so much about my baby, I am going to try to be better about it so that we have these memories documented.

So here is Annika lately:

strawberries, blueberries, raspberries...any kind of berry
Curious George
her mama and daddy (at least thats what her smile says when we get her up in the morning)
her cousins
the pool
going "bye bye"
golf balls
playing outside
her binkies (yes she still has them at bedtime)
her baby
her blankies

garbage trucks and loud tractors
rinsing her hair out in the bath
going to bed...our little girl used to get so excited to "find her binkies and go nigh night"...not lately. We hope this is a very short phase.
Getting her diaper changed...maybe you should learn to use the big girl potty, ha little one?

Annika is trying to say more and more words every day, but isn't a huge talker yet...she just kinda jabbers in her own little language. Every once in a while she will say something like "yeah" or "all done" and it sounds plain as day, but then she won't repeat it. I do try to teach her most words in English and Spanish so I just tell myself that maybe she's just a little confused as to what exactly we want her to call certain objects:)

Our little girl loves to color...with crayons in her coloring books or with pens on her dry erase board...I think she may have a little artistic streak like her daddy. She loves to read and often sits in her little chair and reads to herself. She plays with her little golf set every day. She even holds the clubs with two hands now and makes contact with the balls. Then she has to drop the club and clap her hands and cheer. Pretty cute.

Ethan still gets the most laughs out of annika...those really good belly laughs that just make you happy. For now he seems to enjoy the attention of his younger cousin. We'll see how long that lasts.

Aj meets little Aj. Tate, Martha and Avery came out for a wedding and we finally got to meet precious little Avery Joy. Annika is a little more excited about it than Avery.

Chelsea was up for the wedding too, Annika let her share her favorite spot on the floor.

Annika discovered dirt...mmm, tasty. Don't worry baby, mommy ate it when she was little and turned out ok.
coloring on the white board while mommy paints.

Daddy's favorite time of the day.
Mommy's favorite time of the day. There's just nothing better.