Wednesday, February 22, 2012

little sassy pants

I thought Annika was a little firecracker...
I had no idea what awaited us with this little one...
Her daddy says she is just like her sister was at that age and that I just don't remember...hmmm...
 She was so mild, so sweet her first year of life.
she has become a force to be reckoned with
So spunky. So fun. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is a little peak into your life at 15 months Audrey Leigh:
-You have a mouth full of teeth...seriously I think you have them all already
-You have quite a few words (but only use them when you want to).
-You still give the best open mouthed slobbery kisses
-You say "I yuh you"
-You love to sing and dance
-When we pray before dinner you are practically bouncing out of your seat by the closing because you know it is time to eat. You LOVE to eat.
-At 15 months you are still not walking, although we know you can. Today you took 4 or 5 steps when you thought no one was looking, but I caught you! You better believe you wouldn't do it again though!
-You are still an awesome sleeper. I think you love to sleep almost as much as your mommy...that is impressive little one;)
-Books and blocks are your favorite things to play with.
-You love your big sister and are always so excited to see her in the morning. However, you two already fight like sisters. Awesome. Honestly,  I am more worried about you picking on her than vice versa. Must be a younger sister thing;)
-You are getting little curls as your hair grows out just like your sister.
-You are so much fun Audrey. We love you to the moon and back!

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The Tides of Thai said...

I love the first picture with mommy and "sassy pants" and all those princess dresses hanging in the background! Mckinley would be in heaven at your fun house.