Thursday, February 2, 2012


To my Annika,

The older you get the harder it is to "sum you up" in a single post. I have started this post a few times now and realize that I will never do your sweet little self justice with my words. Here are just a few things that I love about your little three year old self:

You are currently singing to yourself in your bed. Your favorite songs: 1,2,3, Jesus Loves Me, What a Mighty God we serve, the Bumble Bee song, repeat, repeat, repeat...You love to sit at this piano and play and sing your favorite songs with your sister (you call her your "ister").

Speaking of your "ister," you love to tell her stories. They always start with "One day..." and most of the time they include the story of Jesus calming the storm or of Jesus healing the sick girl. The other day you told Audrey "and God loves you so much Jesus in my heart." Tender.

This morning you told me that you were three and that you were going to be four. I told you that you needed to be three for a long time because you are growing up so fast.

You started school this year. Two days a week you go to Miss Shirley's for a few hours (mommy's old preschool teacher!). You love it. Daddy and I agree that it is worth the investment as you have already stopped saying "yah" because "at school I say 'yes'".

You will only wear dresses. I have to tell you that your shirts are actually dresses in order to get you to wear anything else. Oh, and you hate putting on jackets or sweatshirts or anything that will cover up your pretty dresses. You love putting on lip gloss and jewelry and anything pretty. You are a girlie girl. Mommy isn't really crazy about that, but your nana reminds me that I was quite a girlie girl when I was three too;)

It is your auntie's turn to laugh at the "funny" things you say to me when you are being disciplined. For example: I asked you the other day how many times I needed to tell you something. You said, "um, three times." Another time I asked you if you were ready to obey mommy and you said, "no, not yet."

One of my favorite things you do is come up to me or your daddy when you think we are not feeling well and say "a hug will make it better" and give us a big hug and kiss. I also loved the day you told me that you needed to "practice your Spanish" and then proceded to count in Spanish as we ran errands.

You love riding your bike and going to the park, especially when your cousins come with us. You still have the most infectious belly laugh, again, especially when it is Ethan who is making you laugh.

Every day you are becoming more independent. Truthfully, it feels kind of funny to have you put your shoes on by yourself and go to the bathroom by yourself, but I won't lie, its really nice!

We are so proud of the little girl that you are becoming. You have a tender heart and such a kind spirit.

We love you to pieces little girl!


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