Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm six months old!

Hello world! I celebrated my 6 month birthday on July 28th and to celebrate mom, dad and I ate a family dinner together. That's right, I have officially started to eat solid foods and boy do I love it! There are few things that I won't try but I especially love the yams, squash and green beans that mommy makes for me. My friend Mike Cassle gave me this bib because he doesn't like his vegetables, but I'm a big girl and I eat them right up! I weigh 21 pounds 5 oz and am 27 inches long. That means I'm still in the 99% for weight and the 90% for height...that's right people, I'm not quite as round anymore, but don't worry, I still have plenty of roles and they are oh so kissable!

Turning 6 months means that I can do lots of cool things. I love being able to sit up and see the world from a new point of view. I also spend a lot of time on all fours trying so hard to move, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I always seem to scoot backwards instead of forwards. I know I'll get it soon though...then I'll be like cousin Morgan and will get into everything! Good luck mom and dad!

My daddy takes such good care of me. Here I am at Auntie Tatum's graduation. She made it through the same nursing program that mommy did...and she did it while working and also helping out with me and my friends the tiny tanks a lot. Congrats Tatum! You will be such a good nurse!

Sometimes I like to wake up really early in the morning, like at 5:30, and not go back to sleep. When I do that I get to go for a walk with mommy or daddy, they take turns. We usually stop at Starbucks first and I get to talk to all the other people in the neighborhood who like to get up early. I really like talking to people, especially Arturo who works in the complex where we live...he speaks Spanish to me and I love it...I just laugh and laugh at him!

2 comments: said...

Wow how fast does time go. She is absolutely adorable! You have such a beautiful family Eric. Congrats again!

Tatum said...

I enjoyed every moment Annika and I were able to spend together...even when she was screaming :)