Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Big 3-0

I am now married to a 30-year-old. Crazy! Eric celebrated 30 wonderful years today. No big celebrations today. I had to work, but Eric did get to spend the afternoon on the golf course. He is helping my brother in law coach the highschool golf team so he "has to" play golf 2x/week. Someone's gotta do it right? Mom Jung made a yummy cake and brought it for us to enjoy...She swears Annika was saying Dadda B... for "daddy's birthday cake" all day long. She's probably right, our little girl loves her treats. Happy happy birthday to you babe. We are so blessed to have you as a daddy and husband. We love you!


jamie said...

Happy Birthday Eric! If you were here I would sing you a beautiful rendition of happy birthday with my "doggie bag puppet"! Much love! Missing you guys this week!:(

Tatum said...

happy happy b-day and that picture is TOOO CUTE!!!! post some more :)

Schenky said...

Uncle Eric,

Congrats on joining the "30 and Over Club". All colors are brighter, the beer tastes better, and golf is more frustrating than ever.

Uncle Kevin

Kimber Van Essen said...

LOVE the picture - too sweet....and welcome to the 30's Eric!!!