Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There is a blueberry farm in our town that allows you to go pick your own blueberries and take them home. I never appreciated this fruit until I tasted fresh tart blueberries the summer that I nannied in Maine. Every morning there would be a big bowl of fresh berries on the counter and they were delicious. Let me tell you, a fresh, plump, tart (not too sweet) blueberry has become my favorite fruit. I crave them like crazy. (On a side note, Eric recently sent me this article about the benefits of eating blueberries and beer after a run...which is very interesting because these cravings started after I began running more miles)  So this summer we have taken full advantage of the blueberry farm with many trips in the mornings to pick berries and play in the jump house.
The girls do a really good job of looking for the nice blue ones 
of course many of them end up going straight into their tummies
and we leave with faces that look like this...

The bounce house and the blue colored sand keep us entertained all morning long!

We are sad that blueberry season has come to a close. Now for some more strawberries in August! 

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