Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Christmas without Kids

The holidays for us this year were different than years past. The first was that the majority of gifts we received didn't fit either of us and were mostly some variation of pink. The second was that we took the time Kara had off school as an excuse to spend some extra time away from San Diego and have an extended time with family. From the Arizona mountains to north of the Golden Gate to Dublin, Ripon, and Pebble Beach, the trip was a lot of fun and a lot of travel. We slept in 7 beds in 14 days. As we reflected on our time, we were glad we took the opportunity to do so much and know that traveling from now on will be a little more chaotic, yet doable. (This last part is to assure my wife that yes, we will travel with kids!)

My boy Eric Yates' b-day gathering... with Katey and Ryan and Judi.

A little pre Christmas B-day party for Steve, the final days before the two tiny tanks made their appearance into the world.

KJ had never been to Sausalito (just north of San Francisco) so we took a day trip and had lunch on the bay. The City rarely has such great weather, especially around Christmas. The town is extremely quaint and it was a perfect day for a gettaway for the two of us.

Our niece Morgan has the sweetest personality, all you want to do is hold her... then you find out her little secret... her nickname is the vomit comet... but we still love her dearly.

This one needs no explanation, it is Ethan in all of his glory. The little stud is more and more fun to be around as he gets older, his sense of humor is pretty phenomenal for a 2 year old.


Lyndsay said...

The vomit comet???? I had no idea you gave my little angel such a nickname. Too bad its true. And could you take a more flattering pic of monkey boy? love you guys, thanks for taking so much of your holiday to be with us! I cant wait to love on my neice!!!

kendra said...

Hey Eric--post pictures asap when she arrives!