Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Three Amigos!!!

Last night Steve and Leeana brought over dinner, and their twins Luke and Lane, to hang out with Annika.

We put the three of them together like this for about 3 minutes and surprisingly they were all happy and content being that close.

They all had their own space and gave the four of us some peace and quiet to eat dinner... for about 5 minutes.

Luke decided to taste Annika's hair..................And immediately regretted the decision!

Uncle Tank and Aunt Lee with AJ (Lee's nickname for Annika)

"Let's be friends"

Dad felt a little neglected from the photos

Mom loves to put Annika in her Polka Dot night gown because she is sooo cute in it.
That's all folks!


Bray said...

Congrats, you guys! I hadn't heard you had your beautiful daughter yet(it went to my old email) so I just got the pleasure of seeing the pictures tonight! So gorgeous-I am thrilled for both of you! We shall have to have all these babies get together at another reunion!
May God bless you 3!
-Kajsa Wilkins

Lyndsay said...

So fun...those three will be best buds I'm sure. Such a blessing to have friends walking the same road with you. Annika is an absolute doll. I can see some of her cousin in her. The other day we were talking about looking at pictures of Annika and Ethan said, "Oh, I love Annika." I can't wait for him to meet her:) Love you guys

eric_jung12 said...

Great to hear from you, do you have a blog or a way to see pics of your family? Hope you are doing well, send love to the family,
Eric and Kara

Kajsa Wilkins said...

Yes we do have a blog-it's
It's so great to be able to see pics of all these babies (Betsy has a blog too) makes it a lot easier to keep up with everyone!
Take care,

Deb VE said...

Everyone looks wonderful, I miss you all. Annika already looks older, sorry Kara, Love, Nana

Kara Lane said...

Congrats to you both. I saw your note on my blog, and it cool that we each have so many similarities in our lives. Your little girl is beautiful. I hope this is not stalker-ish, but I am excited to get to follow your blog. Thank you for leaving a comment on mine.

Katester said...

That top picture is one of my favorite pictures of all time. Luke is like the grumpy old man watching over the ladies. So cute.

j and w maertz said...

i love how you added one picture of eric at the very end, just to make daddy feel included. she's adorable! i think i caught a glimpse of her yesterday from the stage, i wanted to stare more, but i suspect people get suspicious. :)