Friday, February 20, 2009

Week 3

Kara started night shifts last week, so that means I get to play Mr. Mom at nights. Annika was in need for a bath, and she seemed to like being wrapped in the blanket more than she did being in the water, even though she loves to try to drink the water.

Annika often sleeps with her face resting on her hands, she loves to throw her arms around too.

I am so relaxed...

So our week three picture was not a great success, partly because Kara was sick for the day and Annika seemed to not feel that great as well (she was our little vomit comet that day) There were pictures of her not being ticked off, but let's be honest, this was the most accurate representation of the day.
Until next week, love to you all,
Eric, Kara and Annika

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