Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching up on AJ

The past few weeks we have been shooting pics, but neglecting our blog. Brace yourself, we are making up for the past few weeks.
AJ is growing quickly, beginning to smile more and recognize us (her mom more than me, but we are working on it). She loves her car seat, anytime we put her in it she knows she is going somewhere and calms down. We will get home from anywhere and she will be fully asleep until we get to the front door and she will wake up and not be happy to be back. Needless to say, we have taken our fair share of walks around our neighborhood.

We have been a little behind on our weekly pics, but this one is officially week 6, she is going to dwarf the bunny pretty quickly. She loves sleeping on her side, especially if she is snuggled in against either one of us.

Last Friday both Kara and I were gone for the day and so Eric and Tatum babysat (you guys are serious rockstars, thanks again). For Tatum, this became the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot. I didn't know what we would with the tutoo we got when she was born, but Tate found the perfect solution!

I don't know what these two are looking at, but they are both fully occupied. AJ is out for the count.

Kara's friend Jill came down from Fresno to meet AJ. She has a lot of women who love her!

The other morning I had AJ all to myself, again it was time for a photo shoot. She does really well with picking up her head moving around on her stomach.

This weekend Lyndsay and Morgan, AJ's aunt and cousin, came down to see us. It was great having them together and for the cousins to hang out. Morgan is now 7 months old (the two are 5 months apart). We had a great time with them.

So this morning Kara and Lyndsay were getting dressed and I had AJ on my chest and Morgan next to me. One of my favorite songs to sing to AJ is Jack Johnson's "I can tell that we are going to be friends." It is about two little kids walking to school together and doing everything throughout the day together. I like it because it is a cute kids song, but as I sang it today with the two of the girls together it got me a little choked up thinking and hoping the two of them will be friends as they grow up. It looks like they are off to a good start.

Annika in our favorite sweater of hers.

Everytime we put Morgan and AJ next to each other they are happy to be together.

Aunt Lyndsay and the girls.

Three binkies, three happy kids.


Tatum said...

Excellent! Excellent update! I love the pictures of Morgan and Annika...they will be best friends. It looks like you guys had so much fun together :)

Jacobs' castle said...

Too too too cute!! I am thrilled to be going through some of the same amazing milestones with you three. We love you so much...hope to see you soon!! By the way, love the binkie picture!! Awesome!!!! --Jor

Deb VE said...

What fun pictures, I am going to love seeing the cousins grow up together. Great job Tatum and Eric--see how easy it is to be around a baby, Eric! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Nana

Lyndsay said...

Thanks for a great time you three! It was so great to finally meet my beautiful niece. You guys are awesome parents and it was fun to watch. See you again soon!

.................... said...

How sweet! Love the picture of Eric and the girls with the binkies... When he gets fussy, just pop it in, Kara :)