Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not a "Y" among them!

Dakota, Ellie, Rayah, Ashlyn, Annika, and Kate

6-0. That's the dominance of the X chromosome in the Miller, Sammons, and now Jung family!
Since I was little, the Sammons family has always been great friends of mine. Troy has been my closest friend since Junior High, and his two sisters (Heather and Amber) and parents have been like family to me. Heather's husband was my high school youth pastor. Needless to say, coming home to the Bay always is more complete when we get to see the crew, which is now a girl fest.

Troy and his youngest, Kate. Dakota (our fire fighter) is his oldest. When Kara took AJ up to bathe and go to bed, Dakota, Ashlyn and Rayah all came with her to watch. Dakota would have taken a bath with her had we let her, but all the girls were so interested in AJ, it was really cute to watch.

Ellie is Heather and Jeff's youngest, Ashlyn (in the princess costume) is the middle child and Rayah is the oldest. (Once again, AJ is a champion and never fuses when she is near younger kids). I began to teach Rayah how to play chess, we started with just the pawns. By the second game she was already figuring out how to play defense and plan for counter moves two plays ahead. She is a quick learner, so I stopped playing with her in fear of seriously losing a game!

Too cute not to show.

And finally, our little bear. We spent three days up in Tahoe with the Tanks, which meant 3 kids to 4 parents (pics to come later). Kara's sister let us borrow (thank you Lynds!) Morgan's bear nightime outfit, which she loved in the cold weather. It was fun to see the snow and take AJ to Lake Tahoe. It was a great relaxing trip, even though it was a round robin of baby feedings, diapers, naps, schedules... it took us over 2 hours to get everyone ready to leave the house for one excersion... welcome to our new life.
This trip home has been great for us. Kara is finished with school and that has been a huge relief for her and she has really relaxed while being home. With many grandparents around to hold Annika, we have been able to unwind and enjoy ourselves. Thanks for tuning in, more to come soon.
EJ, KJ, and AJ

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