Monday, April 27, 2009

Growing up so fast

Tonight I realized we had a bunch of pictures from the past month that we hadn't really looked at, so I decided to go through and load them. Two things happened: 1. I got completely carried away, and 2. I began to realize how quickly kids grow up. AJ has changed so much this past month. Her awareness of things (her hands, her toys, her Praise Baby DVD (thanks Lynds), her parents) is crazy and she is becoming a ton of fun as she interacts with us now. She definitely has a personality, both fun and a little dramatic, but Kara and I are enjoying her more everyday. I sometimes think she wants to talk with us, and I think she is pretty funny.
This is one of my favorite pics of her, we all love her bath time,

especially when Kara tells her stories that she just can't believe. "No way! He started his own paper company? Michael Scott Paper? Kind of a weak name, but whatever. Then what happened!?"

"What am I drinking? What does it look like I'm drinking? Yeah, mom's gone, have to resort to the bottle. Pull up a chair, what movie? What movie? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You haven't heard of Praise Baby, yeah, awesome. I mean, a bunch of random footage of kids, cartoons, animals, worship songs, it definitely beats that Grey's Anatomy show my mom watches, at least this makes sense. I mean, Izzy's ex coming back to her from the dead, what's that all about? What, oh, that's just my dad, he likes this DVD too, even though he is a little too old for it. No, I am not upset he isn't holding me when I am eating, it's cool."

Polka dots. (That's all I got)

"Whoa, how long have you been there?"

"Really, a whole month, seriously, a month, are you sure? No, no, can't say I have seen it before. In this car seat, right here? Really, above me the whole time? Wow, don't know what to say, well, yes, I like the colors, yes I know they are bright, well, I am working on it. Wait, it rattles when you pull on it, hmmm, that kind of makes sense, actually. At least it explains the twitch I have had. Well yes, now that I see it, I like it. I didn't mean to be ungrateful... my bad. Is there anything else you have given me I haven't noticed?"

"You know dad, you aren't as comfortable as mom, but for now, you'll do."

"Weirdest thing, I found these two things I can shove in my mouth without anyone's help. Don't know how they got there, but I love to taste them, more fun then the thing mom and dad always shove in my mouth, I never know what these will taste like. Yeah, pink dress, I know, pretty cute, what can I say?"

"I think my auntie got me this outfit, supposedly it says I love my auntie. I mean, a little presumptuous if you ask me, but yeah, I do love her, she kind of reminds me of mom... I wonder why that is?"

"Dudes, NOT cool."

"What was that? Oh, Gilligan called, he wants his hat back? Really, tell him he can come and get it... ha!"

"You know, I am not sure why you guys keep putting me next to this pink rabbit every week. I guess it is cute and fluffy, but for the life of me I can't figure out how come it keeps shrinking. Every time I see it it seems smaller. Strange..."


Tatum said...
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Tatum said...

Excellent post!! The polka dot dress picture is priceless along with the picture of her breaking down, crying. She is too much and I absolutely love all her expressions...looks like she loves story time :)

Deb VE said...

She looks beautiful in her dots! Good post Eric!

Lyndsay said...

Love the pics and commentary Eric. I love the bath pic, the polka dot pic and the pink dress one. Oh, and the one of her in her "I love Auntie" sleeper:) What a sweetie. I can't wait to see her again!

Love ya

Kajsa Wilkins said...

She is getting so big! I loved the comments, Eric-it's always fun to imagine what they are REALLY thinking! And I must say she has great style-the bow the dresses, everything.:)
Hope you all are doing well-love looking at the pics!

Kimber Van Essen said...

Great pictures -she is a sweetie - looks like you guys are having fun being parents! Love the commentaries...priceless!