Thursday, May 7, 2009

AJ's talking!...Well, sort of...

The other day coming home from the gym Annika cooed and awed non-stop in her carseat. I looked at Eric and said babe you know when she starts to talk she's never going to stop. We realize that we've become blubbering fools when it comes to talking to AJ, but how can you resist?!
The other evening Tatum came over and we decided to do another photo shoot with AJ. Annika is being dedicated at our church on Sunday and we needed some more pictures for a video that will be shown. We had a great time and Annika was a champ.

Um, yeah, I'm pretty darn cute!

I love this picture because this is the expression on AJ's face much of the time. Its like "hey guys, I'm ready to see more, do more, learn more...let's go!"

So I know I shouldn't draw attention to this, but I'm going to anyways. Check out those roots! I hadn't gotten my hair done since October, so I finally went in and got a good cut and color. Tatum and Wanida were watching Annika for me. When I got back home I took Annika from Wanida and she just lost it. She would not stop crying, so I handed her to Tatum and right away she was all smiles...little stinker. Guess I looked pretty different!

I love my daddy!
This is AJ's week 14 pic. The one we took with the card and the bunny just wasn't that cute:)

I love all of AJ's little hats and bows. Girl's clothes are the best! This one is her strawberry shortcake outfit. So cute!


heather said...

I can't believe AJ is already 14 weeks!! Looking at her pictures every day (yes, it's still every day with the girls!) I just want to kiss those cute little cheeks and love her all over! I miss miss miss you guys and am so jealous of Tate! Wishing I could hear all those baby conversations you're having. EXTREMELY excited to see you all in ONE DAY!!!!!!!!! Love you tons.

Lyndsay said...

So cute! I love the first one with her flower bow, adorible. Keep having her wear her headbands and hats. I can't keep a hat on Mo to save my life. We'll be using lots of sunscreen this summer. She is such a cutie and already looks so different. Looking forward to the next time we get to see her!

Jen Stutzman said...

Oh Kara, it is fun for me to see your little girl. It was also fun for me to hear you talking to your sweet baby. Enjoy every moment they all fly by too fast. Love you and miss you always.