Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Helping Around the House and more at the Park

So, lately Annika has taken interest in helping around the house with everything. You can't have the dishwasher open for more than 5 second without a second set of hands to help. Washing clothes really means playing in clothes piles (and we realized with this photo also moving the detergent, Baby Proofing 2.0, here we come).

A daily routine for Kara and Annika is going to the park down the street. Annika loves seeing the other kids there and is wanting to be as big as they are and climb on everything. She used to be a little timid of the swings and now loves them, we are working on the slides now.

I love this sequence as it truly illustrates our daughter's personality. "I will pose for a smile, but you better make it quick, because I don't want to sit in one place too long!" I know Kara is loving this time with her before she starts work in January, but she is also a saint for the amount of time she spends with Annika, chasing her around. I have one amazing wife!

Annika is getting much better at standing without any support. If we can distract her she can last 10-15 seconds before realizing she is standing and might need a little extra help.

Usually on the weekends the girls let me join them to the park. Annika loves playing patty cake and now anticipates tossing the cake in the oven, it always comes with a smile.

As much as we love this stage, the one downside is her hair is a perfect boy's length. Even when we dress her in pink, men still call her a boy. C'mon, really? Every once in awhile now she will give a look and it reminds me of my baby pics, but most of the time she still reminds me of her mom (thankfully)!


Lyndsay said...

What a cutie! We can't wait to play at the park with Annika in a couple months.

KELSEY C. said...

so cute!! she looks like such a happy girl! we get the boy thing too, when Lucca is wearing dresses AND pink. come on people. which explains why Lucca usually has a gigantic bow on her head :)

Kara said...

I know lynds! we're excited too! did mom tell you we won't be home for thanksgiving...but we'll be up there for good just after!
kels-annika will no longer keep a bow on her head...i tried to train her, but she just pulls them right off now. oh well, we'll just have to wait for more hair:) btw lucca looks very feminine if you ask me.

Tatum said...

you guys are great parents and aj is a blessed and beautiful little girl! i can't wait for that first step :)

Mike and Kathryn Church said...

love love those blue eyes in that last picture!

Ashley said...

Love seeing pics of your precious gal. Can you believe we're closing in on 10 months - you guys with Annika and us with Max?! Crazy and loving every bit of it. Blessings and all the best to you, Kara, and AJ!
Ashley Cain (Carter)