Sunday, November 29, 2009

Proof Lehman will be a great dad to a girl!!!

Eric and Tatum found out they are going to be parents of a baby girl, and we know for most new dads the thought of having a girl first causes a little panic (I know it did for me!). Things like boyfriends, dates, the teenage years, all become frightening in a single moment. For me, the first thought that got me excited was the thought of walking my daughter down the aisle someday. Now, I could have all girls and be totally happy.

Anyways, last weekend Eric and Tatum came over to help us pack, Eric was often given the duty of taking care of Annika so we could focus on other things. As the video shows, his daughter will be in good hands.

A final word of wisdom on having a girl first, from 6th grader Ashley Hammett: (rough paraphrase, I won't do the original justice) "It is much better to have a girl first because a girl will help you take care of the other kids and do things around the house. Boys aren't very good at those things."

Touche Ashely, touche.


Adam said...

I think I'm going to have to argue with you Eric. Plastic bags with a baby ... really!? Someone should alert CPS. The next video better not show them playing "astronaut" with bags on their heads! :)

kendra said...

Who has been brainwashing poor Ashley at such a tender age?