Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December Pics

Annika, for the most part, is an angel, especially around her little sister.  Sometimes, though, she still let's us know she has quite the will.

The Millers came over for lunch on their way home from the snow, the girls all had a ball together.
Rockin' it.  

We're getting the present thing now.

Cousin all got matching carts, Annika laughed for an hour driving around with EJ and Mo.

Cold day, high winds, need to get out of the house= Children's Museum!

Rob and Devon live at the end of our block.  Their daughter Jaya is a few months older than Annika and they just had a new baby daughter Hollis, so we get to enjoy life stages together.  Jaya saw Annika's boots and bugged her mom for two days until she ordered her a pair for herself.  They are pretty cute together, even though Annika still doesn't always like to share... there's always something to work on.

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Deb VE said...

love the boots with the proper overcoat--Annika, you make us smile!