Sunday, January 30, 2011


January 28, 2011

Sweet girl, you are TWO years old today. You are losing your baby face and your baby ways, but my darling, you will always be our baby girl. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined that God would give me a daughter like full of life, so spunky, so lovable, so YOU.

I worked the eve of your birthday and on one of my breaks I just happened to turn to a chapter in Shauna Niequist's Bittersweet in which she talks about her boy Henry. The chapter is entitled "whole heart." I could not help but picture my own little "luscious" girl as she described her son. She states, "The two words that describe you perfectly are Irrepressible and luscious...You are so physical, so rough and wiggling, and then in the very next moment, you want me to hold you like a baby, stroking my face with Lambie. And you are just luscious--round, pink cheeks, tender neck, grubby, chubby hands. Every part of you is round and grab-able and waiting to be kissed." Earlier she talks about how she imagined her son while she was pregnant and how Henry surpassed her "best dreams." She says, "My favorite people in the world have big, huge personalities and a little bit of swagger..."

Sweetheart, you are the biggest personality I know. You walk around the house on your phone jabbering and jabbering, occasionally throwing in a "dayeeanmama" (daddyandmama) "no, no, no" then going back to your elaborate jabbering that I know I will miss as one day words will replace those jabbers. You insist on going to bed now with your George, your baby and your phone that auntie Ang got for you and I love waking up to hear you talking away on the other side of the wall.

You have a clear opinion about style and comfort. You cried when I tried to put a pink tutu on you the other day and said "off off." (I have to admit baby, that made me proud:)) You refuse to wear your patent leather Mary Janes, BUT you would wear your zebra print rain boots and your magenta coat all day every day if I let you. You love to put "pretties" (clips) in your hair but put up a huge fight if I try to put a pony tail in (although if I do manage to get one in you love to check yourself out in the mirror.)

Annika, you are not as generous as your sister is with your smiles, but when you do decide to turn on the charm you are the time you had to give all the guys on your papa's golf team a kiss goodbye after dinner or when you blow kisses to everyone leaving the nursery on Sunday.

We are lucky to have such a big helper around the house. You love to help unload the dishwasher, clean the floors, fold the laundry and take care of your sister. Her face is always nice and clean;)

You like to go on walks with your stroller and baby and mommy's stroller and her baby. Most of the time we just happen to end up at your cousins' know exactly how to get there now. Ethan is still your favorite and you really wish you could play basketball with him...soon enough baby. You love to have dinner with everyone around the dinner table and you grin from ear to ear when we get to hold hands and and Morgan just look at each other and giggle...yeah, mommy peeks at you two and it makes me smile.

You love to go bye-bye with your nana and have picnics with your grandmama. You love going for rides in papa's golf cart and playing cars with grandpa.

Lately we can't get you to sit still for a picture, but you sure like to take pictures of everyone thing you are not is a performer, but you are the biggest helper we know.

As she closes the chapter Niequests shares, "My parents tell me all the time that I deserved a kid like you. They tell me this when you're being naughty--when you run away from me, or when you look me in the eye and say no. They say, you deserved this, as they laugh...But I know better than to think for even one second that I deserve you...You're all the best parts of life. You teach me and push me and wear me out, and you delight me and make me laugh so hard I cry. I don't know how I ended up with a kid like you, but I am thankful every day...I love you with my whole heart."

Annika, we love you with our whole hearts. You are a gift. Happy happy birthday.


Marcia said...

Happy Birthday Annika..You are adorable, looking forward to spending some time with you in March.. Love Aunt Marcia

Tatum said...

Absolutely beautiful kar...crying! Happy birthday AJ :)

Kim said...

Kara-You paint an incredible picture of your little girl and it just brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I am loving having a daughter of my own and can't wait until she declares she won't wear a pink tutu either ;)
Hope all is well with you and your girls. Congrats on the safe and incredible arrival of Audrey.