Wednesday, May 18, 2011

big girl

People, we are biting the bullet and have decided to start potty training miss Annika. We decided it was time for 3 reasons:
1-annika can't stand to be wet or dirty for longer than 5 minutes
2-we are tired of spending over $50 a month at costco for diapers (you don't get as many big girl diapers in a pack)
3-I had some time off work and had the energy to go for it.

We've been talking about the potty for quite a while now trying to get our girl ready for the big day and Eric's mom got annika some really cute panties (sorry lynds-she hates that word). So last week annika really wanted to put her new panties on. I got really excited and thought, man this is going to be easy. Then within 30 minutes Annika had wet 3 panties and had two accidents right next to the toilet. So, we called it quits that day and started anew yesterday.

I was totally dreading our first day...mainly because it means we have to stay home ALL DAY LONG. I asked my sister for advice because thats what I do instead of reading parenting books and reading parenting my opinion they will only make you crazy. Besides, I think my sister is doing a great job raising her kids, so I figure she is a good person to ask. Anyway, she suggested that I take annika to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes and offer her a treat (candy, stickers, whatever) if she goes in the potty.

Yesterday, day 1 of potty training, began at 8 am. Every 10-15 minutes until 1 pm we ran to the bathroom and tried to go potty. We failed and failed and failed until about 12:00. By fail I don't mean accidents, just failure to produce...and let me tell you, there wear giant alligator tears...major meltdowns people...every time we failed. Oh the drama! At this point I was hating all those people that say that potty training was just easy for them...

So with one success, I put our big girl down for her afternoon nap, diapered of course. First words out of her mouth after her nap were "wet, icky." Nice, I thought, she's getting it. My sister suggested I hydrate her a little more in the afternoon so that we would have more successes. Lo and behold our little girl went 5 times in the big girl potty. 5 times and NO accidents.

I was still dreading today, but it proved to be a much better day. 7 times before lunch people...and again NO accidents! Granted, I am still reminding her every 5 minutes.

All that said, we are committed. Hopefully this doesn't take long, but I know we are at the point of no return. I will spare you all the details from here on out and just let you know when we've got it:) I pray that it happens soon!


strawberrylove said...

your doing awesome, i did the same thing with lei and he was trained in five days (i guess that good for a boy). The best advice I got from my sister was take the diaper off asap for naps so they will learn faster in their sleep. Totally worked. He as been trained for a year and I think we have had five accidents in that time ( most are due to the fact we cant get to the toilet in time,never in his sleep). your girls are beautiful.

Chelsea said...

I admire you sister! Keep up the GREAT work...both of you!

Steph said...

Kar- I KNOW it is hard to stay in the house all day running your kid back and forth to the potty, but it is worth it!! Also, once Harper got the hang of going in the potty but wasn't fully trained I started putting in her in dresses and panties. A few times of pee running down her legs into her shoes and she was sure to tell me she had to go! HAng in there!

betsy said...

If they show all the signs of being ready, I agree that it's all about being committed to the course of action. It was three days of constant hard work with J, but after that she really did quite well. I agree with Lyndsay though, we call them underpants. Panties is a word men like to use, but it makes me gag.