Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daddy's post about Audrey

I couldn't talk about both girls in one post, it had to be split into two.

Now that Audrey Leigh is six months old, I think I can honestly say there are only a few things that remind me of Annika:  they looked identical the minute they were born (but very different once the swelling had subsided), they both are girls, they both have blue eyes (but very different blue eyes), they both have the initials ALJ.  

From that point on, they are so different.  Audrey is a very laid back baby.  If she were a first born, she would be a sucker baby (you think it is so easy to have a kid you think a second will be no big deal-  Avery Lehman would be the perfect example).  She liberally gives out smiles to anyone who will talk to her.  She has a cry to go to sleep, a cry to let you know she is hungry, and a cry that means she is lonely.  She does have a 4th cry, Kara calls it her "mad as a hornet" cry, but it usually is the result of a combination of cries 1-3.  

I love her smile, it lights up her entire face and is infectious.  I love that she will smile for me like she hasn't seen me all day even if it is the 10th time I have asked for a smile in the past 2 minutes.  I love how when you put her to bed she has a small fuzzy blanket she loves to hold onto with her fingers as she gets her thumb in her mouth, with the blanket smashed up against her face.  

I love how she gets excited when Annika comes into her room to get her out of bed in the morning.  She is mesmerized by her big sister, she giggles and laughs for her more than anyone else.  I love how content she is in the crook of my arm and will often fall asleep there when I am reading to Annika at night when Kara is at work.  I love that she already can't stand when I go to give her a zerbert on her belly and stop an inch away, she flinches and starts giggling over the anticipation.

I love when Kara puts her to bed at night and she is laying down Kara will lightly kiss her on the cheek and say "I love you" and Audrey will always oblige with a little smile, reciprocating the affection.

I love both of my girls' personalities and how truly different they are.  It is fun to see them develop on a daily basis and see how having each other is a part of that development.  Annika would be a different person without Audrey and vise versa.  

The reality is, they are changing me on a daily basis as well, and I am thankful for them, what they teach me, and how much they let me love on them.

Audrey, you are a little gem, and I love getting to know you each day.


Kimber Van Essen said...

Sweet posts on your daughters- these words they will treasure! Just one thing...isn't Annika's middle name Joy?? So do they have the same initials???

e & k jung said...

Thanks Kimber. No, Annika's middle name is Lanae, like Kara's. Kara would have killed me had I got that wrong!

Ben and Rhiannon said...

She is getting so big and adorable! Love they updates and hope to see you guys soon!