Monday, August 1, 2011


Annika hasn't really pain a ton of attention to Audrey since she was born. She likes to sit by her and sing to her before she goes to bed, and she is always aware of where audrey is, but she has never really been the type to smother her with kisses, or try to pick her up or hug her all the time. (This has actually worked out quite nicely as I don't to worry about Audrey's well being when her big sis is around)

However, today I saw a glimpse of Annika as protective big sister. We were at Costco checking out and I left the girls in the cart on the side of the checker. The minute I separated from the girls Annika put her little arm around Audrey and put her little face next to Audrey's as if to comfort her. She patted her back and kept her arm around her the entire time we were separated. Totally unprompted. Of course Audrey didn't even realize she wasn't by mommy. I just loved seeing Annika show practical love to her sister and I had to write this down so I wouldn't forget. It was tender.

Here are some other "sister" moments we have captured lately. Audrey is obsessed with her big sister. As soon as I finish feeding her in the morning her little head turns to the door to her bedroom. I can not get her eyes off that door and I know she is just eagerly waiting to see her big sister. Love these girls!

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Sarah Gill said...

What a sweet story, made me cry! You are blessed my friend.