Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We got to celebrate another birthday in our house on Sunday...oh how we love birthdays!!! Especially now that we have a 3 year old in the house! We went out for a fancy lunch on Friday and the girls got to wear their prettiest dresses. Here is a list of reasons Annika and Audrey (and their mommy) love their daddy. (Annika helped me compile this list) 
You are the best daddy because you: 
1. play blocks with us
2. take us to Jake's
3. wrestle with us
4. read books with us
5. go to ice cream with us
6. ride bikes with us
7. play on daddy's skateboard 
8. draw with chalk
9. make breakfast for us
10. sing to us
11. rock us
12. kiss us
13. take good care of us
14. take us hiking
15. play tackle with me (annika;))
16. play guitar with me
17. watch dora
18. take me to lunch
(mommy's list)
19. clean and tidy up all the time
20. do laundry
21. take me out
22. play golf with me
23. always have time for me
24. keep me balanced
25. challenge me
26. sit on the couch and just read with me on cozy nights
27. let me speak Spanish to you
28. support me in my work
29. always watch the kids so I can go run/have down time
30. love me so well.

We love you so much E happy 32 to you! 

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