Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Wife's Birthday

(I apologize to those reading this that it is not typical blog material, but in these last few weeks we have both been missing our community that is now scattered literally throughout the world, from Africa to Bahrain and  DC to San Diego.  The gift I wish I could have given my wife would be to have all of you together under one roof to celebrate her birthday.  Since that option is not feasible, consider this the toast I would have given her if we had all been together.)

In just a few short minutes my wife will turn 31.  Tonight as I was reflecting back on the picture that sits atop our blog, I thought about all of the unknowns marriage brings and how much you take on faith when you say those vows.  We don't know for certain how the other will handle kids, career changes, family, friends, growing older, etc.  We hope that the character of the person we see in front of us will remain steadfast and true over time.

As I get to watch my wife more and more, see her handle life transitions, uncertainty, motherhood, and mostly me, I can only give many thanks to God for bringing her into my life, for being the mother of my children, and for being an amazing partner to walk through life with.

Kara, everyday, in so many small yet significant ways, you make me love you more than I knew possible.  Your authenticity and creativity are inspiring; you are a beautiful model for our girls to emulate, and for that I will be forever grateful.  You are more amazing to me today than the day that picture in the vineyard was taken... and that's saying something.

Happy Birthday babe, I love you so much.


Tatum said...

Cheers! My toast to you Kar...You are constant. After knowing one another 13 years, I could not be more thankful for the day Jen and Kathy brought you into my life. Your wisdom has helped me through rough terrain as well as everyday life. I can't tell you how many times I have uttered, "kara told me..." My love for you has grown deeper as our friendship has traveled through so many stages of life and many more to come :) I love you friend, though you are far away, I know you are always right beside me! Thank you! You are an amazing woman, mom and friend with a heart for Jesus and a humility that is contagious. Happy Birthday Kar...cheers to being you to me

Kara said...

Thank you love, and thank you Tate. I am blessed. Definitely felt loved on my birthday;) I do wish we were up on the top of the hill in Tahoe enjoying drinks and that incredible bruschetta as the snow falls...wasn't that amazing?!

Jen Stutzman said...

Cheers Kara, My toast to you... We met at the young age of 18 and were only in each others life for a short bit but it has carried us through years together. Visits and deep conversation. My favorite word that Eric used was authentic, love that about you. Love that we can pick up where we left off. Love that you are a no drama gal. Love that you are brave and a hard worker. Love that we have traveled the country for a few short days together. Love that our friendship has lasted. Most of all I love seeing what God has done in your life. love you so much!

e & k jung said...

Jen, you are one of my favorites! So glad our paths crossed back at APU. Though we only spent a few months together I know u are a lifer! You are inspiring, real, truly caring, no drama;) and so darn funny. I love you!