Sunday, July 26, 2009

Around the house

AJ learns new tricks every day. She rolls both ways now with ease and gets up on her hands and knees and tries very hard to scoot forward. Tomorrow she'll probably be crawling...that means mommy really won't be able to sit down all day. Its all good though...keeps me active. Seriously though, Annika only stops moving to sleep. People always tell me how amazing it is that she still has all those rolls with all the jumping she does!

The hat AJ has on is from my Aunt Gloria and uncle Brian. It came with a very cute little dress. AJ wears this a lot when we go for walks. She is starting to realize when she has something on her head though, so I think the days of fun bows and hats may be numbered. I tried to train her!

You should have seen me try to get those little skinny jeans on AJ...poor thing was a good sport and we were able to get at least one wear out of them. It reminded me of my own days of tight non-stretch denim Guess jeans (you know the ones we would "peg.") Why did we ever feel we needed to wear those? I remember my mom having to pull them off of my ankles in the dressing room and me still thinking it was a good idea to buy them...

Its been very warm down here the past few weeks, so AJ spends most of the day sporting only her diaper. What a life!

This little piggy is aj's favorite thing to sleep with. She cuddles with it and falls right to sleep. If I remember right it is from her great aunt Gail. Thanks Gail! We are usually greeted with a huge grin when we go into aj's room after her naps...she is such a happy girl!

Well, I said I would absolutely not give Annika sugar until she knew what it was or at least until her 1st birthday, but as you can see above she is fully enjoying a bit of her mama's ice cream. Kids just know when you're eating something yummy, don't they? We try to keep our house free of those treats most of the time because how can you deny this little face of a little icecream?!

Here's our "big girl" sitting up in her chair. This gives me some hands free time to get the kitchen cleaned and dinner made. She loves to "help me" in the kitchen.
Aj and cute!

The grass is always greener...
AJ and daddy playing. Annika gives daddy more laughs and smiles than anyone else!

AJ fell asleep on our run one day, so I left her on our porch for a while...she always wakes up immediately upon entering the apartment. She is dreaming about something funny here.

We've spent a few days our at the Tank's pool this summer. Here are Luke Lane and AJ with auntie Tatum. It is so fun to see all of their little personalities developing. They are precious!

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CHAO said...

that is so funny because i leave Lucca sleeping in her stroller on our porch too. there is no way i bring her in the house...she wakes up EVERY time!! :)
love your your baby girl!