Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip, Toddlers, and Tatas!


Father's Day was spent this year at Kara's parent's. AJ and I are watching the US Open, a good Father's Day tradition. And yes, it does make me proud that AJ can't take her eyes off of golf long enough for a picture. We are raising her well!

Kara was in Rhiannon's wedding (childhood friend) on Friday prior to Father's Day. The weekend surrounding the wedding was a lot of fun. Kara had the girls over to her parent's house for a pool party and Ben (the groom) allowed me to join the guys for a round of golf (thanks Ben!). Both of the ladies looked amazing, and AJ sat with me in the back and was a gem. It was also nice having AJ as we were able to get some of the only shaded seats which was an added bonus.

I got Kara a Flip camera for mother's day, we finally uploaded the videos from it to the computer, so you will start to see more of these. This one is after a run in Ripon, we were cooling off by the pool and I started to play peek-a-boo with AJ. It was the first time she really started to have a belly laugh.


Cousin Mo LOVES AJ, sometimes she can't contain it! She loves to kiss her and hug her and squeeze her, and AJ usually likes it.

We spent an evening at Jeff and Heather Miller's for dinner. Jeff was my high school youth pastor and Heather has been a family friend since childhood. They have three beautiful daughters and it was great to be able to hang out with them for the evening.

As you can see, the girls all liked being together.

Sweet smiles!

And Tatas!

So Kara bought this shirt prior to AJ's birth, it is to fight breast cancer. If you can't read it, it says, "Gimme your ta-tas and no one gets hurt." Well, AJ saw the camera and started posing, so we couldn't really help ourselves.

"Let's roll, Mom!"


Tatum said...

Fantastic post! The belly laugh was priceless - I couldn't help but laugh with her and her "tata" photo shoot :) She is too much! Love you guys

Lyndsay said...

Oh my goodness, love the pictures and the video. Nothing sweeter than a baby's laugh! I can't wait to see Annika again and maybe get to spend a little more time with her. Hopefully a 60 something man doesn't ask you to explain what ta-tas are...yeah, that happened to me when I was wearing my ta-tas shirt at the gym:)