Sunday, July 26, 2009

Williamson's 4th of July Trip

It is becoming tradition for Heather and David to come to SD for the week of the 4th. This year added a whole new dynamic with AJ. While we didn't get to watch the fireworks together (AJ did not think it was such a hot idea to be up til 9:30) and we didn't want to get stuck on Coronado for an hour afterwards like last year (check out but we still had a great week together.

We went to lunch at C-Level on the bay which was worth the wait.

Annika loves her auntie and cousin......and her uncle David is so mean!

Heather had bought matching shoes for the girls on their last trip out for AJ's Baby Dedication, well they fit now and Maddie and Bella happen to bring their shoes out (coincidence, I think not). Annika likes to stand on her toes so it is a little hard to see, but they were pretty cute together.

Heather came back to town for the next weekend for a retirement celebration from the Navy, she also babysat for us one night so Kara and I could have a night out... and it was her Birthday weekend. Thanks Heather!

"I got a new seat for the bath, and I love it!"

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