Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family Visits at the Hospital

Kara and Audrey were released on Monday afternoon, Kara decided to enjoy one more night at the hospital under the care of her great nurses.  This gave us a little more time for family to visit.

Annika loves, LOVES, her new sister.  We have only had to prompt her once to give her sister a kiss.  She loves getting to hold Audrey and makes sure she gets a kiss before going to bed.  We know it won't always be this peaceful, but it has been a great start.
Annika is becoming more of a comedian.  Her favorite game is to play "Wake up!" Where we all pretend to fall asleep and then jump up.  It creates hours of fun.

Aunt Lyndsay
Great Grandpa and Grandmama

Grandmama... Grandpa was there but has managed to catch a cold on the day of both of his grand daughters being born, so he was behind the camera this weekend.

Thanks for all of the love and support, we have definitely felt it whether near or far.

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