Friday, November 12, 2010


Well people, looks like an induction is happening tomorrow. I was holding out hope that labor would kick in this past week, but even after all of those 12 hour shifts on my feet this baby just wants to stay nice and cozy for a little longer than the doctor would like (don't blame him/her...its been cold here lately:)) I had Annika a couple of days before my due date (and people have been warning me to take it easy for so long at work) so I thought for sure this one would come even earlier...nope...this one is even more stubborn. Must be a boy.

Because of the GDM the doctor will not let me go beyond 40 weeks. This is because there is danger of the placenta deteriorating more rapidly in patients with GDM. I am frustrated that I am not able to just let this happen naturally...not really looking forward to lying in a hospital bed as they slowly increase the Pitocin to make each contraction a little stronger, stronger, stronger...but hey, the epidural was a great friend to me last time and I'm sure it will be again. I have a good book and a few magazines and my wonderful husband to keep me company...we're going to try to make it a great day!

I have seen some inductions go very well and have friends who have had great experiences with inductions. I have also seen some that have not gone so well...needless to say I am nervous and would appreciate all of your prayers mañana. Muchísimas gracias.

un besito...hasta mañana,

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KELSEY C. said...

you're in my prayers tomorrow woman! my induction with Lucca was smooooooth and perfect...hoping the best for yours.

(i was not in bed all day either...)