Sunday, November 14, 2010

Officially introducing Audrey Leigh Jung!

We will back up a little bit and start out with a few pics leading up to the main event...

If you are curious as to what she is watching, you shouldn't be.

Last night as on only child...

 And push she did!

 Outside the hospital, not looking like she is at 40 weeks at all.

 Kara delivered at the hospital where she works, which meant she had a ton of love and support from the nurses she works with.  Brandi is due in a few weeks and the ladies have worked through their pregnancies together.

 Her night nurse crew also decorated the room for her, including stars on the ceiling and flowers made of hospital resources.  Like I said, she was loved on from the moment we arrived.

I wore the shirt for two reasons: 1. she was delivering on the due date and 2. in case I ever wanted to say, "Breathe!" I could just point at the "Keep pushing!"on the shirt instead.  Luckily, I never said breathe nor had to defer to the shirt.   (Kara got the shirt from a group promoting the new movie when we were in San Francisco during game 1 of the World Series)

There she is!  I will let Kara share what details she wants about the delivery.  I will only say a few things.  1. My wife is an amazing woman and was a champion through a day that at was not easy, 2. Audrey is a beautiful, healthy baby, 3. God's hand was evident in that room throughout the day in more ways than we will ever know.

 This is Star, our nurse and a God-send for Kara.  Kara trained under Star when she first started working at the hospital.  Kara was able to request her for the delivery.  The charge nurse (Mary) was also someone Kara trained under and these two ladies were incredible.  The day would have looked a lot different had it not been for these two ladies.

 The nurses and doctors had a betting wall for weight and gender, Audrey walked away with the cash.

Thank you all for your prayers and notes, they were greatly felt and appreciated.


Chelsea said...

What a wonderful recap of a very exciting day. So happy for y'all and Audrey is simply breathtaking. Congratulations!

Trevor Jalen Rose said...

Congrats Jungs!!!!! She is beautiful! Another girl- what a blessing to have sisters so close in age. Can't wait to meet her! KJ- you are a warrior as always!
Call me if you want to talk, cry, laugh about the juggling act of having two - life is definitely an adventure!
Sending you lots of love from SD!

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing your pure joy with us. What a beautiful little family God has given you both. May He continue to bless you in your journey. Can't wait to see and hold this new little life. Blessings. Auntie Di

Audi Swift said...

Wow guys! What a special experience with God giving you all those nurses to love on you and support you. Audrey is gorgeous! I can't wait to hold her and kiss her and introduce her to Bentley ;) We love you FOUR! ~The Swifts

Ashley said...

Congratulations Eric, Kara, and precious Big Sis Annika! So happy for you all and pray God's richest blessings as you adjust to being a family of four! We're on just about the same family schedule (Max was born 1/28/09 with AJ, and our daughter, Alexa, was born 9/9/10)! Enjoy every beautiful and exhausting moment. XOXO, Ashley Cain