Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big sister

Audrey says everything her sister says and wants to do everything her sister does. Everything. 
She loves her so much and already looks up to her.

Sometimes however, Audrey doesn't fully appreciate Annika's tendency to try to mother her when I am not near. 
As you can see by Audrey's face here. 
and the way she is trying to get away from her sister here...

The other morning I was taking a shower while the girls played in the family room. I was about finished when I heard Audrey sobbing. First thought was that she must have hurt herself pretty badly. So I got out to see what was going on. Audrey was sitting on the ground mad as hornet crying and crying. Big sister? Standing above her telling her to go to her room. I asked Annika why Audrey was crying. She simply said, "because I send her to her room." Why she sent her sister to her room? "Because I just can't listen to her cry and whine anymore..." 

How many times do you think she's heard that?;) 

p.s. that book I'm reading is hilarious and very insightful. highly recommend it. 

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Tatum said...

that's the next book i want to read. I'm reading 7 right now which is fascinating! I loved emily's book recommendations :) love you and your family