Saturday, July 14, 2012

Minnesota 2012

The girls and I got to go to MN again this summer for the now annual(?)  "Christmas in July" with the Van Essens. We had a great time and I think its safe to say we are fully recovered from our trip. Oh my was I tired for a few days after that. I felt like I was moving in slow motion...pregnancy, children, and heat can sure take it out of you. So glad we were able to go out. It was great to see everyone again. Annika keeps asking when we can get back on a plane to see Gramma Great. 

Following the river at at SAC. Trying to get all our wiggles out. We did this over and over. 
It was very nice to have Nana and Papa along to navigate through the airports. Thank you for all your help...and the games on your ipad! 
A large part of the family...minus the families who weren't there and a few sleeping children.
The great grands and gramma great (again missing a few who were sleeping or not there). I believe come December Grandma will have 39 greats...? So fun to see all these little ones and remember what it was like to play with my own cousins growing up when we would fly out for reunions. 
Audrey was content to sit by Auntie Gloria in the shade (did i mention it was hot out there;)) 
We had our first Van Essen family Olympic games with representatives from not quite all over the world, but more than just the Netherlands now (thanks to many new "outlaw" cousins);) 
oh the competition! I come by it honestly. 
Annika found her "friend" Uncle Brian right away. 
Team Italy. Stacked with the pregnant of whom volunteered to complete the "skipping" part of the relay...why I thought that was a good idea who knows.
the girls were entertained again for hours with Gramma great's babies
We did get to enjoy a brief thunder storm one afternoon all cozy in bed. I love those summer storms. 

Safe to say we were tuckered out after our few days in MN. Audrey actually slept on the plane! Hallelujah! 

Great to see you all again! We love you and thanks so much for your hospitality! 
One last pic from the evening I went up to the cabin with the girls. Definitely a lot of little girl cousins running around. We are certainly a female dominated family...take that however you like;) 

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