Saturday, July 7, 2012

the things you say

annika is absolutely delicious at three and a half. she wakes up at 6:30 (or 7 if we're lucky) and doesn't stop talking until she goes to bed. i remember telling eric when annika was a baby that once she started talking, she was not going to stop. she was a little late in verbal development so i thought maybe i had been mistaken. nope, it just took her a little longer, but this girl rarely stops talking now.

some of my favorite things she says right now:
 randomely, spontaneously: "mommy/daddy/nana/granmama/etc. i love you so much."

"I need some chaplips." (chapstick)

 (when wanting to do something i have asked her not to do): "mommy, can you just look that way for a minute"

 "i just need to cry right now."

 "i so excited"

 "i so happy right now."

 "mommy, that what you want to do? you sure? ok, thats your choice..."

 when teaching her babies how to swim: "its ok, i have you, trust me, i won't let you go..."

 when asked how old she is, "I three and a ha-alf"

 at school when making a 4th of July bracelet, "my mommy is gonna love this."

(to her Coco doll) "let's go to pretend church/school/dance class/swim lessons"

(packing for a trip) "mommy, where we going?" Me: "Well you are going to grandmama and grandpa's house." Annika: "Where are you guys going?" Me: "Napa." Annika: "Oh, I think I like Napa." Yes honey, Im sure you will. Soon enough.

 I love 3 and a half. I remember last summer being such a struggle with Annika. Constant discipline. My friend Joy encouraged me to stay strong and we would see the rewards this year. So glad she was right. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of battles to fight with this spirited little girl(like every day), but honestly, I find myself saying daily just how fun this little 3 and half year old is. What a joy. Annika, once again, in my wildest dreams i didn't imagine that i would have such a sweet, spunky, delightful little girl in my life. thank you for being you. you are a joy.


heather said...

I loved 3 too!! SO FUN...can't wait to live with her for a few days!

e & k jung said...

Heather, I met Bella when she was three...will never forget her walking into your parents kitchen with her little backpack...ready to go to Mexico. So stinking cute. We say all the time how much Annika reminds us of 3 year old Bella. Can't wait to see u guys! So glad you're coming out again soon!

Tatum said...

"mommy can you just look that way for a minute." kills me! oh man thank you for that post, I love hearing how your precious girls are growing up!

chelsea said...

Kar, I almost can't handle how happy reading your posts make me.