Thursday, March 24, 2011

afternoon with ethan

This  Christmas Lynds and I were brainstorming about what we could give eachother's children as gifts. We talked about how we wanted to give them something other than "stuff" that just ends up cluttering the living room. Lyndsay had a great idea. She said that as the kids got older it would be fun to gift them with "quality time" spent with aunties and uncles.

The girls were a little bit too young to understand how cool quality time with family really is, but I did include that as part of Ethan's gift. (Partly because Ethan would rather spend time with Uncle now and I get a little bit jealous as he used to be aunties little buddy). Anyway, we gave him some chapter books and an afternoon of reading with Auntie.

As I have not been working the past couple of weeks and it has been rainy rainy, I figured this was a good week for Ethan to cash in on his gift. So on Monday he came over while the girls were taking their afternoon naps and we played and played. We read and played legos (which I am not very good at). Then When annika woke up we played some more, did a craft, and then watched a little George. It was so fun to have Ethan around for the afternoon...he is such a sweet little boy, and pretty funny too. He told me I should "shoot uncle an email and let him know that we played with his old legos."

 All our guys lined up ready to race!
 oh my! look at all those legos!
 Ethan making Audrey laugh.
 Doing our craft. Ethan is great to have around with Annika. She just thinks he is the greatest and he entertains her. I think he has a lot more patience for her than for his little sister.

The finished products. A pirate for Ethan.
And a monkey for Annika of course! 


Marcia said...

I'm jealous!

Lyndsay said...

Thanks Auntie! Ethan LOVES his time with you and his cousins. I think I like this tradition!