Monday, March 7, 2011

fun with the lehmans!

A couple of weeks ago Tate, Eric and Avery stopped by to see us before they headed down the coast with Eric's parents. It was SO great to see them and catch up. We miss you guys so much! 
As soon as we got out of our cars at the lookout point in the Marin Headlands after driving up the twisty road through the green hills in the misty SF weather Tate said something like "oh just give me my running shoes and I'm in heaven." Oh I love that girl. She is indeed my kindred spirit. Its so nice to be with friends who just get you...who know what you are thinking before you say it. We shared many L&D stories and laughed for hours over the joys of working night shift, the trials of the first year as a new nurse and the challenges involved with juggling parenting, working and marriage...our poor Erics have their hands full with us. 

Annika loved the city...she loved walking up and down the hills. I see many mommy/daughter trips in our future sweet girl!

Avery Joy is such a sweet girl. She is happy most of the time. I hadn't seen her since she was tiny so it was so fun to be able to see her little personality this time. 

We didn't get a picture of the whole group together...the daddies were the ones behind the cameras most of the day. Check out how big Audrey looks by Avery. Yes, they are about the same size...actually I think avery's tummy is even smaller than Audrey's. Avery is about 10 months and Audrey is 3 and a half...we grow them big
Annika was tuckered out after our busy day in the city. George and baby go everywhere with us. 

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