Wednesday, March 23, 2011

daddy come home!

On February 8th I reached my one year employment mark at DMC and thus was able to finally take part of  my FMLA and be "off work" to be home with my babies. The use of the "bunny ears" (e-that's for you) is to recognize that as a mommy "work" is a full time thing whether you do it in the house or outside of it. I have experienced life as a working mom and a stay at home mom, and each of them has its challenges, but I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time home these past two weeks bonding with my new baby and my big girl. 

It worked out perfectly for me to be off for these couple of weeks as E is off on a big business trip. Having Eric gone has made me realize just how spoiled I am having him work from home the majority of the time. E is a very hands-on daddy and I am so very blessed to have him as my partner in raising our children. 

Daddy gets home tomorrow and we are very excited! We are surviving, but on this our 4th day without daddy (on one of the rainiest weeks of the year i might add)  I have to admit that we have watched far too much George, spent way too much time browsing blogs, and have eaten an ungodly amount of pretzel m&ms. We are ready for you to come home E. 

And I am ready to see my girls at work too...and that feels good. 

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