Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Annika just cracks me up with her language. She does have quite a few words, but she mainly just jabbers all day long. All the syntax is there, just not the words. We just laugh because we know that in her head she is making perfect sense...pretty soon we will know exactly what she is saying. I just wanted to make sure we have this part of her language development recorded because it is absolutely precious. 
Annika is finally letting me read to her again. For quite a while she just wanted to read to herself, which actually worked out quite well for me because we would just sit together on the couch...aj with her books, and me with mine. I do love reading to kids though. I have such fond memories of reading with my mom and sister in the evenings. Me on one side with my green apple, my sister on the other with her red one, mom in the middle reading Laura Ingalls Wilder...good memories. 

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