Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I thought it was only appropriate to write something on this the eve of my 30 birthday. Thirty is kind of a big deal. Its one of those birthdays you tend to think of as so far off until its right there in front of you. Some days I feel like so much has happened in my 20s that I've just gotta be older than 30, and other days I can't believe that I'm kissing my 20s goodbye tonight.

The other day E and I went out for dinner and the hostess (a darling 87-year-old young lady) was asking us how old our children were. We told her 2 and 4 months and she commented about how close they are in age. Without thinking I said, "well we had to get moving, we started later...I had my first when I was 29." In my mind that was absolutely correct. E just looked at me with a weird expression and said, "babe you are 29 now and you have a 2-year-old." Kid you not I had to think about that for a second to realize that he was right. Its just hard to believe that I have gotten married, finished nursing school, had two children, moved and started my career all since I turned 26. Needless to say, the 20s were a bit hectic.

I am excited about this decade. The 20s were tough for me trying to figure out who I was, what I wanted to do...I'm not too sad to leave that behind. Women in their 30s have always seemed so much more confident than I ever felt in my 20s (or maybe they just become better actors;)). Either way I am excited to join the club.

So here's to 30. May you be all that I've built you up to be!

And here are some pictures for those of you who don't really care what I write, but just want to see pictures of the little cuties:

I spent my last day as a 20-something sleeping in (thank you eric), going for a long run (again thank you e), reading lots of books with my girls, rocking with sweet audrey during annika's nap time, having my favorite "single girl" dinner (artichoke and a glass of wine--e doesn't like artichokes so I have to have them when he is gone), and getting ready for our trip to TAHOE! We leave tomorrow morning and I am so excited! Thank you aunt caron and uncle frank for the trip and thank you to mama Jung for watching the girls! Girls I will miss you terribly but am so excited to spend some time on the slopes with your daddy!


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Beautiful post, Kara. Enjoy your day!


Marcia said...

Kara, love reading your posts..add 20 years to that age and that would be me! (:)

Marcia said...

Kara, I love your posts...

Marcia said...

Kara, Thanks for your posts,I enjoy reading them!